How to level your caravan on an uneven pitch

03 Apr 2014

These days most caravan sites consist of very even ground but occasionally, if you venture out into the unknown (which is what caravanning is all about) you will encounter the odd uneven pitch. Without the correct preparation, uneven ground can become very irritating and can even create numerous problems. Caravans need to be level within roughly 10 degrees to ensure that you, the one who has to sleep in the van, are comfortable and that appliances such as fridges, ovens etc. function properly.

There are a selection of products out there to remedy the issues caused by uneven pitches such as level ramps and an aluminium leveller which is placed under the uneven wheel to ‘jack’ it up to a reasonable level. The jack device is preferred by those who want a better position of control and aren’t that comfortable trying to tow their caravan onto what is quite a small ramp.

Users must ensure when using the ramp leveller that they pull forward the caravan onto it, not try and reverse onto it. When you reserves a caravan up onto a ramp you effectively have no brakes therefore when you pull forward your brakes are still operational and when you put your handbrake on you have full grip. If you are attempting to level out your caravan on grass ideally you want as a wide a ramp as possible to spread the load and prevent the ramp sinking into the grass which doesn’t achieve the objective.

The Aluminium Leveller is essentially a cradle which is placed either side of the wheel and is then wound up like a jack to level out the caravan. The lever is practical as it is light, easy to carry around and can lift the caravan a good 8/9inches off the ground. The only downside of this piece of kit is that it does take some time to wind up however to the unconfident tower this is an acceptable compromise.

There are a few ways to test that the caravan is level once you have evened it out by eye. Some owners are confident that placing a glass of water on the floor of the caravan is an acceptable way to measure the level whereas other, more precise owners will opt for the twin spirit level to examine their work.

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