Frequently Asked Questions

    From Sellers From sellers

    • Is it really free to advertise on C4 Caravans?

      Yes. C4 Caravans is completely free to both buyers and sellers.
    • Do you charge a percentage on completion?

      No. The site is totally free to use. There are no charges at all.
    • Can dealers still advertise for free?

      Yes. We welcome adverts from both private sellers and dealers.
    • If everything is free how do you fund the site?

      We receive money whenever the network adverts (like those on the right of this page) are clicked. As we keep our overheads low, this is sufficient to cover our costs.
    • How much response will I receive to my advert?

      This varies hugely from one caravan to the next - but those with photographs definitely get more enquiries. The most popular caravans may receive several enquiries per day until they are sold. If your advert is not receiving many enquiries consider changing the photos, expanding on the description or looking at the asking price.
    • I don't have a digital camera, how can I add photos to my advert?

      If you have access to a scanner you can also upload scans of traditional photographs. It is also now possible to by cheap digital cameras for less than £30 - these are more than adequate for this purpose and cost less than most of our competition charge for an advert !
    • What is the advert status?

      At C4 Caravans we pride our selves on a relatively spam free environment. As an anti-spam measure we have a status sytem that allows us to control who can see an advert. When you first add your advert to our website it is labelled with the status "Pending Moderation", this means it is in a moderation queue for one of our team to review and ensure your advert is OK to go live.

    From Sellers From buyers

    • Is the site free to use?

      Yes, the site is free to both buyers and sellers.
    • Do I have to register?

      No. Registration provides additional benefits (and is free), but is completely optional.
    • How do I get more details about a caravan that I am interested in?

      Every page of caravan details includes a "Contact the Seller" button. We only provide a medium for advertisers to use, so please contact the seller with any questions that you have.
    • Will you search for a caravan for me?

      Unfortunately this is not a service that we can provide. Every caravan that we have details for is included on the site, and our easy to use site should help you quickly find suitable caravans.

    From Sellers About the site

    • Can I advertise on this site?

      We are always happy to talk to businesses who may be interested in advertising here. Please use the contact us page to get in touch.
    • I would like to exchange links with C4 Caravans - how can I?

      Please note that we will only exchange links with sites that we think will be of interest to our users. Please see our Caravan Resources Directory for requirements and instructions.

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