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Abbey Caravans are no longer manufactured. The brand was taken over by Swift Leisure in 1994 and the last Abbey Caravans were made in 2008. The second-hand market is still strong.

The first Abbey caravan was produced in 1966 by the Humber Caravan Company, a subsidiary of Cosalt. The first caravan was the “Twelve” and was a 4 berth tourer. A manufacturing team of 10 people were producing 5 caravans each week. Abbey initially focused on the export market.

Abbey produced three ranges, the Vogue which was the cheapest and most basic caravan, the Freestyle and the Spectrum which includes the luxury models.

In the 1990’s Cosalt decided to focus on the static caravan market and sold Abbey Caravans, along with their other touring caravan brands to Swift Leisure.

The Abbey Caravan Club arranges social events and rallies for Abbey caravan owners.


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