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ABI Caravans are no longer in business. ABI was formed in 1972 when ACE International touring caravans and Belmont Caravans merged. They stopped building touring caravans in 2001 to focus on the holiday home market.

ABI caravans had a great reputation for building reliable and durable caravans and their reputation has certainly stood the test of time as ABI caravans can still be seen touring the UK today.

The ABI brand was sold to the Swift Group, but Swift did not take on the manufacturing business and do not stock any spare parts.

ABI Spare Parts

FM Caravans Ltd
169 Fountain Road
Tel: 01482 823330
Web: www.fmcaravans.co.uk
Email: info@fmcaravans.co.uk
Club: http://www.abiandfriends.org


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