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Burster (Bürstner GmbH) are a German manufacturer based in Kehl. They started out as a carpentry and joinery workshop. The first caravans were built in 1958 and were made to order. By 1976 they had expanded and acquired factories in France. By 1985 Burster were Europe’s largest caravan manufacturer, producing 17,000 caravans a year. In 1998 they restructured to form the Hymer Group and Burstner is now a Hymer brand.

Burstner Mission Statement: "When we brainstorm we focus on quality, fittings and safety. Thanks to this concept of originality and our self-image as an idea supplier, Bürstner has become one of the major manufacturers in the industry."

They currently produce 4 ranges of caravan: Premio, Averso, Averso Top and Averso Plus.

Burstner caravans are very similar in their build to Hobby caravans. Burstners were built specifically for the UK market until 2007, but since 2007 all Burstners in Europe have the same build - the main difference is that the door will be on the other side and the oven may be smaller, with a separate grill. Imported vans are generally cheaper.

In 2006 the Burstner Mega Van won reader’s choice as Motorhome of the Year.

There is a Burstner owners club in the UK (www.burstnerclub.org.uk) which organises rallies and keep a directory of dealers.

Bürstner GmbH
Weststraße 33
D-77694 Kehl / Rhein
Telephone: +49 7851 / 85 - 0
Fax: +49 7851 / 85 - 201


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