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Coachman Caravans was founded in 1986 by George Kemp and Jim Hibbs in Hull. They were previously directors of ABI. ABI was formed in 1972 and then sold to the Swift Group. Elddis (then called The Explorer Group) bought Coachman in 1997, but Jim Hibbs bought it back in 2001. They are still based in Hull and today the company employs over 100 people.

Coachman build high-end caravans and are made with an excellent quality finish, they take pride in attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Coachman organise their own owners club, and all owners of a Coachman caravan are entitled to join the Owners' Club -

In recent years they have started to focus on their retired customers and produced a caravans that are ideal of grandparents who wish to take their grandchildren away with them now and then.

Coachman Caravans Ltd.
Amsterdam Road
Sutton Fields Industrial Estate
Hull HU7 0XF
Tel: 01482 839737


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