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Eriba caravans were first made in 1957 by Erwin Hymer in Bad Waldsee, Germany. The following year the Eriba-Troll range was launched by the newly formed Hymer AG caravan company. The Eriba-Troll (Eriba Touring) range is still produced today.

Eriba caravans are famous for their integral steel frames and compact design. They are a low caravan, often with an extended roof space.

The Eriba Puck was a very reliable caravan and had outstanding towing characteristics. Eribas are ideal for small cars, all are lightweight weighing around 500 kg. Eriba interiors are always built to a high quality, but are of course rather compact.

In 1958 Eriba and Hymer were actually separate companies, however, in 1980 Hymer and Eriba merged. The new company then merged with Dethleffs and TEC to form CMC.

Eriba Ltd was the appointed UK agent for the Eriba touring range, but they closed down in July 2011. Jandi in Scotland are the only official distributor of Eriba in the British Isles.

Eriba from Hymer:

HYMER Aktiengesellschaft, Postfach 1140, D-88339 Bad Waldsee
Sales-Branch: +49 (0) 7524/999-106
Service-Center: +49 (0) 7524/999-116
Customer-Service: +49 (0) 7524/999-360

If you are keen on caravan history why not take a tour of the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee.

Eriba Caravans are popular in the UK and there are several social support groups;

Eriba Forum - meet other Eriba owners
Jandi - Eriba specialists / spare parts in West Calder 


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