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Esterel were a French builder who specialised in folding caravans. During the 1980’s the Esterel brand was purchased by Rapido, who are still operating. Rapido still produce Esterel Motorhomes. The most popular Esterel models were the Caramatic, Supermatic, Export (only produced for one year in 1979), Sillage, Topvolume (from 1987) and Mirage (from 1992).

They started building folding caravans in 1964 but stopped production in 2001. In 1987 Esterel also started building a Pop-Top caravan, the RS Model, and also some standard caravans, called TopProfil Models. Production of these caravans stopped in 2004.

Folding caravans can be towed is easily and efficiently as a light trailer. They can then quickly be opened up into a well equipped caravan once you arrive on the camp site. Esterel folding caravans were built with fully insulated walls, floor and roof, and windows are double glazed. They can sleep up to 4 people, have a small kitchen and Porta Potti toilets. If you need a really compact caravan that can be easily stored away, and are more interested in fuel economy than comfort when touring, Esterel is possibly the perfect choice.

Esterel Caravans were sold in the UK by the Folding Caravan Centre (Swindon) Limited, who were previously called Esterel Caravans Ltd. However, these businesses closed in around 2004, the same time that Esterel finally stopped building caravans.

Fun Facts:

Esterel Caravans were named after the Massif de l'Esterel, a coastal mountain range Provence, south-east France, an area that is ideal for leisurely touring all year round.

In St Raphaël on the Provence coast there is an award-winning caravan site called Esterel, well worth a visit if you are planning a trip to the south of France.


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