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Fendt Caravans is a German caravan builder. Originally Xaver Fendt GmbH, they were bought by Hobby in 1998. They still have their own factory in south of Germany, in Bavaria, near Augsburg.

They are very solid caravans with thick floors and roofs which provide excellent insulation and structural integrity. They tend to be on the larger size and there require a large vehicle for towing. Some of the 2.5m wide caravans are not suitable for many small UK roads.

Fendt produce a range of caravans to meet all requirements. Saphir is the entry level model, with the Bianco, Bianco Sportivo, Tendenza, Opal, Diamant and Brillant providing more luxurious models. Fendt describe Brillant as “Luxury in Perfection”.

Spare parts can be ordered from the official website: www.fendt-caravan.com.

The Fendt owners club is combined with Hobby in the UK: The Hobby & Fendt Owners

Parent company: http://www.hobby-caravan.de/en/


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