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LMC Caravans, full name Lord Münsterland Caravan (LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. KG), is a German firm which is now a part of Hymer. LMC first started building caravans in 1955 when the Austermann Knospe was first made. Relatively few LMC caravans have been sold in the UK, however, they are all built to a high quality and make a very reliable van if you can get hold of one.

Hymer have owned LMC since 1991 but the LMC brand has remained independent of Hymer. LMC have their own factories where they specialise in low-profiles, overcab coachbuilds, A-class motorhomes, and touring and static caravans. LMC also build Geist caravans.

LMC’s company philosophy is simple: Making Your Dream Holiday Come True – From Day One! LMC are proud of their quality craftsmanship and lovingly designed interiors which make their caravans “breathtaking havens of happiness”.

LMC currently built 3 series of caravan: Musica, Maestro and Scandica.

Before buying an LMC check that you can get insurance, some customers have found insuring the vans difficult. The reason is that LMC’s are very popular in the travellers communities and thefts are more common. Also there have been reports that some caravan sites do not accept LMC vans because of their popularity with the travelling community.

Spare parts of often expensive and need to be imported from LMC in Germany.

Web: http://www.lmc-caravan.com/en/


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