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Micro caravans, also known simply as teardrop, pod or minipod caravans, provide the most compact, lightest and affordable caravan experience. They are essentially little more than a tent on wheels, with minimal fittings and no head room. They are popular amongst campers and can also be seen towed behind camper vans, providing an additional sleeping quarters. The main benefit of a pod is that a very small car can easily tow them.

Most micro caravans have just a bed and storage inside, with a kitchen accessed from a rear door on the outside.

Many micro caravans are custom made, although there are several builders now making pods. 

In 2012 BMW created an April Fools joke, advertising a Mini Cowley Caravan & Mini Clubman, and a MINI Swindon Roof Top Tent. However, some enthusiasts responded to this by building their own mini pod in the same style.

There are a few companies selling new pod caravans:

●        The English Caravan Company - Based in Bedford and hand build tear drop caravans.
●        Teardrop Trailers - Based in East Sussex and build the Turtle teardrop trailers
●        Elf Caravans - Based in Sheffield and build luxury 2 berth Teardrop caravans.
●        Diddyvans - Based in Rugby they custom build Teardrop Trailers with a clean metal finish.

If you wish to try one before buying, Teardrop Trailer Hire, based at Rochdale in Lancashire, will allow you to do just that. They build and sell bespoke motorhomes and caravans.

They can make an ideal second room for families, allowing parents to put their children to sleep and then enjoy the evening without having to whisper. However, they can feel a little claustrophobic if you are used to a larger caravan.


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