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Tabbert Caravans was founded by Alfred Tabbert in 1953. High-quality materials always have been of outstanding importance for Tabbert. In 1963 the “Tabbert nose” was designed, which has been a characteristic of Tabberts ever since. By 2002 Tabbert had produced 250,000 caravans. They are still manufacturing today. There are 4 different model ranges in production: the Grande Puccini, Puccini, Vivaldi and Da Vinci.

Tabbert and Knaus merged in 1996 to form KnausTabbert, but they still operate as separate brands and businesses.

When shopping for a Tabbert be careful to check the width. Some are too wide for a normal towcar, and insurance costs can be steep. Because of their solid construction they are a popular choice in the travelling community. Always get an insurance quote prior to agreeing to a purchase. Also some older models are “dry vans” with no washing facilities. 

For spare parts have a large selection of Tabbert caravans and can provide most parts second hand. Tabbert dealers in the UK can order any spare part from the factory too. 

There is no Tabbert Caravan Club in the UK, but they do have a Facebook page in English -, which was started in December 2012.

Knaus Tabbert GmbH
Helmut-Knaus-Str. 1
94118 Jandelsbrunn

Telefon: +49 (0)8583 / 21-1
Telefax: +49 (0)8583 / 21-380


Their business slogan is “Origin. innovation. Quality.”
Tabbert have won several awards over the years, including the Caravaning Design Award for Best Practice in 2012/13. 


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