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Vanroyce was founded in 1986 by Tommy Green, Cyril Darwin and John Darwin, all of whom had previously worked with Knowsley caravans during the 1960s. A new management team took over in the 1990’s after which sales started to decline and Vanroyce was forced to close. 

ABI bought the brand in 1994 and carried on building Vanroyce caravans at the Auto-Trail motorhome plant. ABI then went into administration in 1998, but Trigano took over Vanroyce and carried on building them until 2001, when the last of the Vanroyce caravans was built.

The last 2 caravans to be built were the Vanroyce Select, which was an economy model, and the Vanroyce Classic, which was the most luxurious one produced. 

In 2001 Cyril Darwin and John Darwin went on to form Vanmaster, which is still operating today.

Vanroyce made good value luxury caravans and during the 1980’s they were a very popular brand. They had a busy owners club and there was a long waiting list for a new van. 

The Vanmaster Association invites owners of Vanmaster Motorhomes, or Vanroyce Caravans to join their owners club. 

There are few spares on the market, Caravan Breakers or ebay are generally the only places where spare parts can be found.


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