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For those who are still happy to get away over the winter months, caravan heating is a must have.

Although modern caravans and motorhomes usually have some kind of heating built in, it may not be enough to bring the temperatures at a decent speed or heat the entire vehicle. You may also require to look into replacement caravan heating options if the system in your motor stops working.

Some caravan heaters are designed specifically for caravans and fit tidily within the vehicle, sometimes by a wall attachment. Others are much similar to your standard household portable heater, and although these options are perfectly capable to keeping a caravan warm, itís worth keeping safety in mind when using something that produces heat in such a small space.

When purchasing a caravan heater it is also worth bearing in mind what fuel it uses. Gas can be very expensive if used often but is practical for almost any location, whereas with electric heating you can take advantage of electricity hook ups if you are on site.

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