5 Activities for a Rainy & Cold Easter Weekend Away in the Caravan

27 Mar 2013

Weather can be a nightmare in the United Kingdom. Particularly during public holidays such as the Easter weekend. We spend the majority of our lives slaving away at our jobs, and then when some down time comes along, we get rained on, snowed in, blown off our pitch and end up sheltering inside from the elements.

The UK’s weather is such an unpredictable beast, the only thing that is definite is you won’t know what it’s going to do.

Harsh weather though needn’t be a thorn in your side. It actually gives you and your offspring the chance to switch off, unplug yourself from the computer, unglue yourself from the ‘goggle box’, relax and enjoy some good old fashioned fun and games.

Embrace the gales, the rain and cloudy skies, and no doubt if you take some of this advice on board, your Easter weekend will still be a successful one!

Board games

In an age of a PlayBox, XStation and other such consoles, board games have fallen slightly by the wayside. Gone are the days when the whole family would sit around the table to try and fathom out whether Miss Scarlet did actually ‘do it’  with a candlestick in the library…or was that the butler?

Classics such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit, Uno* and Scrabble are just some of the ‘unplugged’ games that are still available, and after the initial ‘hurumphs’ from your kids, they’ll probably find they quite enjoy the whole thing.

Before long, the hours will have flown by, the bad weather will be inconsequential and hey presto. What could have been a nightmare scenario for Mum and Dad is now a distant memory. Just don’t get stroppy if your kids beat you!


At first taking a stroll in bad weather may appear to be a dismal prospect. But as one wise individual once declared “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. Make sure you pack a bag of weather proof clothing, hats, gloves and scarves and then it’s off into the wild outdoors you go.

At first there may be resistance to the idea – let’s be honest, heading outside when it’s miserable isn’t exactly a promising prospect. It may take some coaxing – usually the prospect of a treat at the end of the day is enough to entice even the most reluctant of child out of the caravan door.

Once on your walk, the whole situation will become much more manageable. The breeze may be hoofing, the rain horizontal and the wind chill biting, but keep moving, have a flask of something warm close to hand and don’t undertake too serious a route and in no time at all your family will be spent.

Exercise, fresh air and a sense of achievement at the end of any harsh weather hike will be enough to send your kids soundly off to sleep. Chances are they may want to do it again the following day!

Just relax

If you’re lucky enough to not have kids in tow during Easter weekend then this is the perfect opportunity to just relax.

Modern life is full of stress and rushing around so why not use this time of year to unwind from it all and catch up on some much needed chill out sessions.

Put the kettle on and grab a book, listen to music, watch a movie or just do absolutely nothing. There’s sometimes nothing better than just watching the lashing rain beat against the windows of you caravan knowing you don’t have to go out and brave the weather.

Emptying your head of all the usual everyday clutter is good for recharging your enthusiasm levels, so when you do have to eventually go back to work, you’re refreshed and ready for whatever challenges are bowled your way.


Catching up with friends is a great thing to do if the weather is looking dubious for your annual Easter caravan trip. Sharing a ‘vanning holiday with mates is the easiest way to enjoy some fun times.

Get some nibbles in, a tipple or two, and have a natter, share stories, divulge those special plans you have for the year and maybe a bit of friendly banter.

You could also choose to take some family members with you this year and make it a family gathering. Sheltering from the inclement weather with a brew, while having a gossip is a great way to get in the good books.

Local attractions

If bad weather has halted play with regard to your outdoor plans then why not see what local attractions are on offer in the area.

During sunny weather there’s nothing worse than being stuck inside, but when rain, wind, snow and cold temperatures hit, this is the best time to check out museums, galleries, zoos and other similar places.

If you are looking to entertain your kids then aim for attractions that have interactive elements if possible. Being able to see, touch and play with displays will keep your children entertained for hours. Petting zoos are a good choice as kids are usually enthralled by live animals.

In a lot of cases kids’ pricing structures may be offered which should go some way to easing the strain on parents’ wallets.

Most Importantly, have a good one!

Whatever you get up to during your Easter caravan trip, make it a good one. The weather may not be playing ball but with a bit of thought and planning, you should still be able to make the weekend one to remember.

Happy Easter from C4Caravans!

*We have a theory at C4C that all caravans have to come with a deck of Uno cards by law. Not a single Caravan seems to be without some Uno cards kicking around!

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