Lock it up, lock it in – Trimetals storage box review

22 May 2014

For static home owners the tricky scenario of storage can sometimes be a particular quandary. There are, of course, many nooks and crannies to stow away your belongings within the interior of your caravan but sharing certain items with your living space just isn’t quite right – alternative hideaways need to be sought.

Static caravans are great at utilising space – they’re a brilliant home from home. They’re usually nestled among other similar abodes, most likely on designated parks, meaning space is at a premium though.

Trimetals produce a range of maintenance free weather proof storage solutions for neatly stowing your gear. Resistant to the elements and easily secured these lock ups are great for stashing gardening kit, bikes and various other belongings.

Delivered in flat pack form it only requires a few simple scissor snips to break out the fundamental pieces of the structure. Then it’s just a case of following the step by step guide to erect.

Full of kit!

Although there isn’t anything too taxing about boshing together the Trimetals storage box there was a little surprise by the lack of inclusive tools. Having accumulated the necessary implements for the job in hand two of us set about knocking this oversized piece of Mechano together. After a while, although the instructions were always referenced to double check, it became obvious how the box was formed and we raced ahead.

Basics in place

The simple process of jointing sides together, bolting reinforcing struts into place and making sure nuts were tight was a relatively quick and simple process. The stiff nature of the threads was the only fly in the ointment. If there hadn’t been two of us it would have been a fiddly job to secure each metal piece.

An ingeniously simple part of the design is the spring loaded door – a concertinaed up and over mechanism allows less burly mortals to gain access with ease. Having made the structure sturdy it’s a simple matter of fixing locking brackets in place and hey presto, a secure, weather proof outdoor storage option – perfect for those who own a static caravan.

Nearly there!

The walk in nature of the lockup is a great piece of thoughtful design. Lift the lid and it’s easy to grab your essentials without having to stoop too much. Two padlock points will give piece of mind to owners wanting added security while the PVC coated galvanised/fire resistant steel construction ensure it’s maintenance and hassle free. Compact yet roomy enough to accommodate sizeable objects, these storage boxes are great for static home owners or those with general lock up issues at home.

All finished and looking lovely.

For more info on the Trimetals range head over to www.trimetals.co.uk

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