Broadlands (Romsey) Motorhome and Caravan Show 2013

08 Apr 2013

For those enthusiastic caravan aficionados out there, then the Broadlands Caravan and Motorhome show was this weekend at Broadlands Estates, Romsey.

The estate hosted a gathering of major caravan brands all airing their wares and signalling the start of the summer season.

C4Caravans made the pilgrimage on the Friday (April 5th) to check out what was happening.

Also make sure to watch our exclusive video from the event below!


The C4Caravans team arrived early to make sure we got a parking spot as initial reports were that the venue would get busy – even with the nagging easterly winds that are currently dogging the UK.

Next to the event site is a caravan park where those who wish to make a weekend of it are being encouraged to do so, particular as the weather is set to improve.

Upon arrival the C4 team noted that a healthy number of exhibitors had turned out for the event with some great examples of their products on display.

Initial impressions

C4Caravans were some of the first to cross the threshold of the event entrance and straight away we were confronted with a large proportion of spangly new caravan models all enticing you climb on board and check out the insides.

An initial scout of the site confirmed that an ample number or motorhomes, caravans and statics were on offer for inspection. Designs of every conceivable configuration were being served up for visitors to check out – some brand new and some used.

Next to the main exhibition were food stalls and plots dedicated to accessory products. Electric bikes, towing/trailer equipment, gadgets and general camping gear are all on view for those interested.

Motorhomes vs caravans

It was noted that the number of motorhomes at this year’s event far out weigh those of conventional caravans.

C4Caravans spoke to a number of brands who all confirmed that the current trend is for ‘vanners switching to motorhomes. This is reported to be because they offer less hassle, in terms of towing, ease of manoeuvrability and no need to own the correct towing vehicle.

Hire of motorhomes is also said to be increasing with many young families deciding to take a ‘staycation’ type holiday rather than heading off abroad. With an abundance of motorhomes or every shape and size available, visitors to the show were sure to find their ‘perfect fit’ when perusing the stands.

Caravanners don’t despair…

Even though motorhomes outnumber other craft on view at the show, there’s still a healthy proportion of dedicated to traditional caravans.

C4Caravans had an extensive nosey at what models were being displayed and we can confirm, that as with the motorhomes, there’s something for every taste on offer. Some of the bigger models impressed the C4 team and it was remarked just how clever storage and sleeping options have become. Utilising the little amount of space to the fullest is key and every caravan brand deliver, however the inside layout happens to be engineered.

All you have to do is decide which model suits you…

Static caravans

There was number of static caravans on view at the Boradlands show and the C4 team had a mooch around a couple of the display models and were thoroughly impressed.

With bag loads of room and impressively designed inner spaces, static caravans have certainly come on a long way in the last few years.

C4 spoke to one of the companies at the show and they confirmed that more and more people are turning to static caravans as a way to obtain a second home. After becoming tired of trekking around with a conventional caravan in tow, it makes total sense that enthusiasts end up wanting the ‘van experience but without the hassle of transporting it from one place to the next.


Gadgets and accessories are always a welcome inclusion in any show and with a variety of different stands, offering various products, the Broadlands Caravan and Motorhome Show was no different.

Electric bikes and small car towing options seemed to be the largest represented accessory on offer at this particular show.

Food glorious food

After wandering from caravan to motorhome it’s always worth a quick pit stop tea break, and with plenty of onsite eateries operating, there were many options for the hungry and parched. Enjoying a warming brew and quick snack was definitely the way to inspire more inspections of the crop of caravans and motorhomes on show.

The chilly wind looked set to drop off over the course of the weekend which should have ensured an even higher turnout of visitors.

Even with the elements stacked against the show it will no doubt have been a success, based on the numbers of people we witnessed pouring through the gates on Friday. The C4Caravans team certainly enjoyed their visit and have a few ideas as to what their next purchase might be.

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