Is this app-controlled caravan the future? Say hello to the Caravisio.

20 Sep 2013

German motorhome company Knaus Tabbert are looking to inspire a renaissance in the (reportedly) ailing caravan industry with their futuristic Caravisio concept.

On paper the Carvisio certainly looks like a high spec attractive bit of kit. Aerodynamically designed with towing specifically in mind this multifunctional caravan, with luxury yacht esque internal layout is as yet only to be seen in prototype version. The Caravisio’s most striking feature is the central control panel which is accessible through a number of smart phone and tablet apps.

The Caravisio has been produced in an effort to address the fact that most caravans, bar maybe the American classic Airstream, are actually ugly hulks of mass that do nothing except clog up roads and congregate in fields around the country. For avid enthusiasts, this is pure piffle as all are aware of the joys of caravanning.  Unfortunately the widely held common belief means the stigma is tough to shake.

Hey good lookin’!

With the Caravisio’s sleek and svelte lines, uber modern good looks and bold conceptualised use of technology the face of caravanning could be about to be given a massive overhaul and signal a return to those heady days of trundling off along the tarmac on your self-contained holy bobs.

The wind tunnel honed shape, modern yacht like interior, computer controlled air suspension – that self-levels – are traits that will see even the staunchest caravan critic green with envy should one rock onto a nearby campsite.

Perfect – inside and out

The inner depths of the design boasts teak flooring, a pair of V-shaped beds and a huge panoramic window that will let in lots of light and making owners feel at one with nature – ultimately the purpose of caravanning holidays.

Other innovations feature the articulating rear end which folds out as a sun deck and allows the whole internal shell to become more al fresco in nature – perfect for those lazy summer days with nothing but relaxation on the cards.

Owners will also be able to control the transparency of the rear door which also doubles as a projector display for watching your favourite movies and TV programmes. With its touch operated finger controlled scanner you’re one step away from the caravan equivalent of an Apple product – making the Caravisio very ‘now’ and on trend.

2014 – the year of the Caravisio?

Until the Knaus Tabbert Caravisio actually goes into production all caravan enthusiasts who are now excited at the prospect of this fantastic looking toy will have to wait. Currently doing the trade show rounds the production of the Caravisio will hit overdrive in 2014. The first production models will roll off the line, hopefully, in time for the new summer season next year.

For more information about the Knaus Tabbert Carivisio head over to

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