Do I need a TV Licence for a Caravan?

19 Jul 2013

With summer holidays just around the corner, and plenty of reinvigorated interest in caravanning due to the current fabulous run of weather, the TV Licensing authority is planning a crackdown on caravanners and campers without the necessary paperwork.

The Camping and Caravanning Club have published figures suggesting there’s been a 25% increase of visitors at caravan and campsites. With WiFi widely available it’s now possible for people on holiday to watch live streaming TV and keep up to date with their favourite shows from the comfort of various portable gadgets and technology. However, viewers on caravan and camping sites need to be wary as they could still fall foul of the law.

If you’re watching live TV, at any time, then you need to have an up to date TV license. Anyone watching programmes on their device (tablet, smart phone or laptop) whilst on site will be covered if they have a license for their residential home. Static caravans, mobile homes and moveable chalets will only be covered by a home licence if the TV in the main place of residence is not being used at the same time.

Ian Hewlet from the Camping and Caravnning Club commented: “Many holidaymakers use televisions in their camping units so it’s important to highlight the importance of purchasing a TV Licence. We urge all campers and caravanners to check the licensing requirements if they plan to watch television whilst they’re away.”

Those caught foul of the law will recieve a £1000 fine, which we’re sure is the last thing anyone wants whilst on holiday. You can find out whether you’re covered by your existing TV license by following this link –

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